For more information on Covid-19, please see or call the SA Emergency Hotline on 0800 029 999.

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According to Scott, working as a courier helps him to stay active even when he isn’t training hard.

"I only started running long distance about 18 months ago when my wife of 26 years, Angela, nominated me out of the blue. I told her I could probably manage about 10 kilometres. I couldn’t believe it when she told me she’d put me down for the full 21 kilometres!

"I managed to run four half marathons last year, but I’ve only done two so far in 2013. I’ll hopefully squeeze in a couple more before the year ends," says Scott.

When quizzed about his 20 years with Fastway, Scott says the secret to his success in both business and fitness is setting achievable goals.

"In all my years here at Fastway, I've never looked as this as just a job. It's my business and it should be treated that way. Every week, I set myself targets to work towards. I think if you look at anything as just a job or a chore, then you’ve lost all perspective," says Scott.

"To make it in this industry, you’ve obviously got to be a people person. Over the years, I’ve seen some changes in the company, but one thing that’s stayed the same is the degree of simplicity that Fastway offers its customers."

When asked about the future, Scott says he plans to stay with Fastway and to keep on running.

The Coal and Allied Winery Running Festival will be held in the Hunter Valley on Sunday, 21 July.

Fastway Couriers is currently celebrating 30 years in business and 20 years in Australia.


For more information, contact:

John Smith
Fastway Couriers, South Africa
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Latest news

  • Contactless Delivery Procedure



    Fastway has implemented delivery measures in line with the recommendations issued by both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the South Africa Government.

    We are doing everything possible to ensure that we can maintain our service quality, whilst prioritising the health and safety of our people, our customers and the general public.

    Please take note of our new delivery procedure. We have called this ‘Limited-Interaction Delivery Process’. These changes have been made to limit the potential spread of covid-19 in line with current guidelines on social distancing and the avoidance of close contact.

    The Process:
    1. The courier will arrive at the delivery destination wearing a face mask and gloves. The courier carries sanitiser in the vehicle and will sanitise the gloves before every delivery.

    2. On arrival, the courier will ring the bell or intercom and announce their arrival and their intention to complete a delivery. He/she will also explain that goods will be left at the front door or reception of the premises and they will walk back to a safe sanitary distance (approx. 2metres). This will allow the receiver to safely pick up the parcel and sign the paper copy of the runsheet. Please have your own pen handy. The runsheet will be retrieved by the courier once the process has been concluded and the customer has retreated to a safe sanitary distance.

    3. We will not pass the scanner to the receiver to capture a proof of delivery signature. Instead the courier will retain possession of the scanner and, after selecting the ‘covid delivery’ option, they will request the name of the signatory which the courier will key into the name field on the handheld device on behalf of the receiver. The courier will capture the given name of the receiver on the device.

    4. After you have received your parcel, we recommend you immediately throw away the packaging and sanitise the contents and your hands.

    5. A time stamp and GPS co-ordinates are captured at the point where the parcel is scanned as delivered and, where appropriate, a photo will be taken as additional supporting information.

    Please note, this process and the relevant information (i.e. recipient name, time stamp and geolocation) constitutes a full POD for the foreseeable future and limited liability will apply accordingly.

    Please remember to wash your hands before and after receiving a delivery. We also ask that you avoid direct contact with our drivers, such as handshakes.

    This process applies to all deliveries and will remain in place until further notice.